The City Speaks

I wash my exoskeletons
In the waters of College Park
West End nurtures me
Roswell gave birth to me
Midtown employed me
5 points is where you can find me
I am everywhere
I need to be
I am the city
The city is me
When you sense a chill breeze
Nipping your rear hairs
Your neck
Consider it a kiss from Cai


Frantic Femurs

Shine light watch em scatter like
Not a vertebrate in sight
Content with shifting through trash
Hoping to find scraps of miracle

For A Special Lady

It pains me to say that I hardly remember
I rarely frequent the thought
But today I stumbled
By accident
And I remembered
Your voice, your grin
The touch of your hair
Though gone
Whisked away by
Mysterious circumstances
When I talk to your sons
I am always reminded of you
My femme of emerald eyes

Not About Porn

Curse god
Curse karma and all
The white men
In high places where
Eyes dont see

Their capital Their wealth
and all Its influence CNTRLs
Serves as The umbrella
Blocking Our sun from My face
Underneath Its shade My flesh will
Never know warmth
Or satisfaction

Lucky for Me there exists
Another day
Unlucky for Them there exists
The authors of happy endings