On ghetto,the art of being

Outside the perimeter of the city of Atlanta, the word ghetto is used by those, too afraid to step foot in, the radius which they demonize. These suburbanites use the word as a verb to label something of lower class, undesirable. Thus the people who populate these ghettos are looked upon in a negative manner.

The activities these residents perform, their culture, all judged untouchable. What has always annoyed me about these judges is their lack of historical knowledge/perspective on the people they judge and their failure to ┬árecognize the creative genius and ingenuity of the people. I’ll use an example from my life.

Once upon a time I was a college student attending Georgia State University. It was my first semester and I was living in dormitory. Unable to afford a proper shower curtain, I crafted one out of heavy duty trash bags and duct tape. The creation, though meant to be temporary, worked just as well as a store bought curtain and so its life span lasted a little longer than I originlly intended.

Two resident assistants, (female, white, upper middle class) inspected my room and one looked at my creation, laughed, and labeled it ghetto. Thereby eliminating any of the positive benefits of its function. I immediatly responded by offering her the once in a  lifetime chance to buy me a shower curain to which she offered no relpy. 1 point to the naddy head and his DIY shower curtain.


On cowardice

Many humans claim the mantle of bravery.
The loudest can be heard in boast or ballad.
But what of the accsers?
If challegned to perform the same duties
For the same time period, could they?
Would they?
And if not,
Is it a matter of the accuser being a punk ass coward?
To this question I would reply yes.
Who am I to judge?
Why I am a coward and thus
An expert at recognizing my own.

On brown male X white feminist relations

Years ago, while celebrating life with friends, many who were practicing feminists, the topic of male-female relations was sprung. On a historical basis, I believed that men educated within the rules of westernized capitalism (a system created by and for rich, white, male, landowners) paved the way for future men to benefit from oppertunities that women, past and present were unable to recieve.

It was my belief then that a solution for this problem was first, for the descendants of these white, male, landowners and 2nd men everywhere, to study, understand and acknowledge the historical role patriarchy has played in America and how the legacy of the situation still affects male and female relations today.

And once understanding the ways men have benefited from this adantage, work to advocate against it. I then pointed out however that though I was a male I was not of the particular male casstte that created and continues to give power to this trend. My casstte was illegally imported into the states or were already here but terrorized into submitting to this system of patriarchy alien to their natural order.

Because of this fact, my audiance who were descendants from this casste of terrorizors but who were also female, I asked of them, you must use the same solution applied to the patriarchy debate and apply it to your level of commitment in terms of healing the historical damages still affecting my casstte today. To me then, to me now, this is my definition of ally.

Which means looking twice at individuals you consider friends and family and making the hard choice of seperation once their hidden bigotry is revealed. Spoiler alert, if you play this game you will have far less friends than when you started. My name isn’t Wolfman but I gurantee it.