On (Peacefully) Eradicating Neo Racism

Hateful doctrine and racisit mentality begins in the home. Historicaly speaking, In America, specifically the state of Georgia, people of Europeon descent, (wealthy, land owning, males) purpotrated the philosophy of what we now know today as racisim. A particular train of thought used discriminattly against people of Ethiopian descent and dark skinned humans in general. This legacy of thought was then infected into the minds of other peoples not neccessarily wealthy, land owning, or male over a course of time (thanks colonialism!) to the point that even women, immigrants, and poor whites a like became duped by this tragic spell.

Since White people created this trend, as a dark skinned person, I believe that it is ultimatly their responsiblity to end it. While I would love to come into the homes of every racist and teach them civility for all human beings regardless of creed or color, I cannot as the color of my skin would not allow me to do so because these racist Whites would have a preconceived notion to not trust/believe anything I have to say. All my efforts would prove futile, ultimatly a waste of my sanity and energy. Thus, its up to non-racist Whites and any White person who considers themselves “progressive” to take up the responsibility to quell the fire their forefathers either started or helped perpetrate. The best place for them to start would be within their own homes/communities.

It’s hard to try and change a person’s state of mind, almost damn near impossible but who bettter than the children of monsters to tame their begetters evil ways? You know how they think. And while everyone can’t be changed you should work towards educating those that still can be: the child of a sibling whose parents you know are racist. Your friends who procalim hate speech to you in confidence disguised as a joke. These are just a few examples.

Ultimatley where I live, the state of Georgia, rascism is not confined to public displays of klan rallies but in private displays of law passing. Klan members and Nazis no longer need to wear hoods and swastikas, they simply pass laws and legislation to enforce their racist methodology. In this respect it is up to all people who consider themselves non-racist to be aware and once aware do something to actively eradicate these laws. Whether it be the ballot, the bullet, or taking out the trash anything is better than nothing.


On Parenting

Written by a mother fucker
For a mother fucker
In attempts to initiate more responsible
Mother fuckin

Lesson 1
When you have a kid, make sure you have a mother fucking (pun intended) plan other than “I want something that looks like me” (theres an app for that: CLONES) or “I want something to love me forever” (this is why Jesus invented puppies (cats are cool too)) or “I want to continue my bloodline” (but if you thought this far ahead think further, fund a goddamn college plan or something)

Lesson 2

It’s a bad idea as a parent/guardian  to teach your kids to hate another living individual or oganism. Especially organisms that resemble what (s)he will look like once reaching maturity. The less hate you can pass on to your kid the better. Hate is nothing more than a posion that corrodes the mind, which corrodes the body ultimatly damning the soul for the eternity which we call generations.

Lesson 3
You’re kids aare not replicas of you. They have their own wills and their own dsires. As a parent you have no choice but to support their path iin lifee even if it deviates dramatically from what you intended because you are not and should not be an overseer and a child’s destiny is not to be held in bondage by your (although you mean well ) desires.

 If it sounds like I’m preaching, cool, I probably am.
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Fuck You

What possess a woman
Employed as an educator
To teach lies to
A father
Against a son
Based upon the laters
False desire to
View her naked body
Manipulaing the Father to
Strike the Son
Witnessed by an audience of
His peers
Truth be told
Shit is more attractive