On Parenting

Written by a mother fucker
For a mother fucker
In attempts to initiate more responsible
Mother fuckin

Lesson 1
When you have a kid, make sure you have a mother fucking (pun intended) plan other than “I want something that looks like me” (theres an app for that: CLONES) or “I want something to love me forever” (this is why Jesus invented puppies (cats are cool too)) or “I want to continue my bloodline” (but if you thought this far ahead think further, fund a goddamn college plan or something)

Lesson 2

It’s a bad idea as a parent/guardian  to teach your kids to hate another living individual or oganism. Especially organisms that resemble what (s)he will look like once reaching maturity. The less hate you can pass on to your kid the better. Hate is nothing more than a posion that corrodes the mind, which corrodes the body ultimatly damning the soul for the eternity which we call generations.

Lesson 3
You’re kids aare not replicas of you. They have their own wills and their own dsires. As a parent you have no choice but to support their path iin lifee even if it deviates dramatically from what you intended because you are not and should not be an overseer and a child’s destiny is not to be held in bondage by your (although you mean well ) desires.

 If it sounds like I’m preaching, cool, I probably am.
If you would be so inclinded, feel free to tip me some of that sweet merciful 10%
My palms are my collection plate. 


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