On Gender Wars

It seems as if since antiquity, maybe even further, 1492 to infinity, thee two sexes of the human species, female and male have been at odds. Seeing as how both are polar opposites physically, one can understand and identify with the dilemma. However, it seems as if certain factions, most likely bio and philosophical descendants of the originators, have decided to wage a war between the sexes.

One side representing feminity and fighting to erradicate female oppression. The other, representing masculinity and fighting to preserve a PWR base however “Things Fall Apart” (Achebe). The interesting factor about both factions is that they both desire the same end goal: PWR. Yet, they have mistakenly crossed lanes with each other wheen the true enemy remains at large as they always have been; wealthy, land owning, white men…Historically speaking.

This is Cai once again telling you shit you most likely aready know.    


On Heart Breaking

This poster confesses, throughout his life he has broken many hearts and worse, made a few of them cry, both male and female. The cause of these fractures however was never intentional. Like Micheal advised, I never went around trying to break young girls hearts but sometimes young girls may try to force a a piece into a puzzle that doesn’t fit. And upon realizing the puzzle wants no part of the piece the young girls, I’ve noticed, get really…fucking…vindictive. Why is this?

I’m no lady so I can’t say fo sure however, I have spent my fair share of time in many a girls night (long story…didnt mean to, just kinda happened) and i have a humble theory. Traditionally in our American culture, men are the hunters women the gatherers in that men are expected to seek out women and women are expected to sit back, relax, and enjoy thier pick of the litter. In effect men ae used to rejection generally while women…not so much. So when a woman gets rejected, it seems they take it really hard.

So hard that some might go out of their way to hunt down a man, corner him, and enforce upon him some kind of reaction in effect raping him of his personal space and time (RIP Patrice). Some go harder than that, employing  men compassionate of their boos and hoos, to seek out the said heartbreaker with the intent of inflicting verbal or physical abuse. Some go the hardest, creating an entire secret society and manipulating its members with intent to shame the said heatbreaker into suicide or some other crazy shit.

How do I know this? Well son, the tactic was attempted on me and like I said, I’ve been to my share of girl talks. Not that all of them go this route but the ones with male hating psychos usually do. And…I guess I should confess…those type of chicks turn me on. But only if they single. 😉

Stay classy.

On the subject of men, well, this one has always been a mystery to me. When it comes to my relationship with men its always been on a dude type level. Yo dude, sup dude, se ya later dude, you know, typical dude shit. But see I’ve never really been a typical dude. I was always more of a lone wolf type. I prefered hanging with myself or women because the dudes I grew up with were always on some dumb shit. For me really annoying. And I never meant any ill intent when I would avoid these dudes or try to skip out on the usual dude shit going on but when the time came to drop them, I could see the hurt reflected in their eyes.

And this always confused me as a younger men because then I was not sympathetic to males as much as I was to females (call it a selfish endeveaour I suppose). See as dudes we sterotypically are only supposed to care about pussy, and getting pussy, and critiquing the pussy of this cat to the pussy of that cat and the next. For me this rationale got boring quick because for one i felt like a dick treating women like sexual conquests and it was never really my style to kiss and tell, i was always more of a silent fucker, still am.

See all the macho shit blinded me from a simple reality. Dudes are human too. Even though they sterotypically cant admit it, men have feelings too. Men care, men cry, men die without ever really being free to emotionally express themselves fully beccause if they do they might be labeled gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) or weak. So men have to become emotiional ninjas to ensure their genetic survival because traditionally no woman wants to fuck a weak man (all her “friends” might laugh). And becaue of this high level of emotional ninjitsu, sometimes its hard for other men to notice when they’ve hurt a friend; maybe even one they call best.

i’d say to men who fit this description, to avoid future heartbreaks, stop acting like a hypocritical bitch, attacking one man for choosing to express his emotions and then getting mad when someone else tramples over yours. If you can’t say it, write it, if you cant write it play it, if you can’t play it, dance it, if you can’t dance it draw it, if you cant draw it, watch it, hear it, fucking smell it. If you can’t fit into any of these solutions you better find one quick cuz this shit is killing you. i only know cuz it happened to…well…it happend to this guy i knew once. His name was Yo! i try to honor him every chance i get.

On The Freedom to be Mundane

As a child, growing up black, in a culturally white dominated soceity; I was taught and expected to always be the best. Twice as good to fit in, 4x to lead, because of the prevailing power structure. I rebeled against this philosophy because i did not think it was morally right to have to work twice as hard as a white person just to get the same shitty low entry position that the other barely broke a sweat for.

As i grew older, during my high school days, when i saw my lighter hued peers slack off but still maintain power and influence, i knew then that this privilage was what i wanted. The power to be mundane and empoyable. The comfort of being a normal American.

On Public Speaking

When you’re alone, in the privacy of your own home, you don’t have to act, to put up a front. You are free to be yourself, no matter what that self is. When you’re at a job, in addition to performing the job’s laborious functions, you are paid to be socially presentable. To act in a certain way as to upkeep a good image to the company and its employers.

In this sense when an individual has to interact within society, with other individuals, they are “working” in the sense that they are not allowed to be themselves fully. The individual must “act” within a certain context. To be acceptably socially fake.

And as a worker, you are not being paid for your labor. So in a society that values capitalistic philosophy, that honors money above ethics and morals, why “work” when you’re not getting paid? Something to think about.

Coyote Film Klub

Presidito Cailito
M-F / 4:20pm
West End Public Library
Mission Statement

The purpose of the Coyote Film Klub is to screen a movie of any genre and critique the various elements of mis-en-scene (set design, lighting, space, composition, costume, aspect ratio, acting, film stock) via written report turned into klub leader after screening. Responses will be assessed and returned to members afterwards.

CFK is rated “G” for general admittance, no ages/holds/styles barred and its design is intended to prepare members for a future in the motion pictures as either student, worker or aficionado of film in response to Atlanta’s rising film industry.

If you enjoy screening movies and talking shit about them afterwards in literary fashion, don’t hesitate…JOIN CFK TODAY!

UPDATE: Due to lack of funding and staff CFK is canceled upon further notice.

On Male Self Defense vs Abusive Women

As dudes we are classically trained to be protectors and bread winners. To be the iron rock that foundains the family unit and to protect that unit at any cost; with our lives if neccessary. In this sense men are born to be expendable.Soldiers for the family unit. Above all else we are taught never to strike a woman But what happens when women are abusive towards men?

How do men defend themselves from an oppponent equipped with the law, society, and crazy ass brothers (thats me ya’ll! 😉 ) at their compassionate disposal? When physicality lands you behind bars. When verbality is labeled abuse. When non-confrontation is belittled as passive aggressiveness…It seems maybe all men have left is the witten word as protest. But would their protest be taken seriously?

Especially in a culture such as America’s that targets and bullies men deemed as weak for not submitting to sexist traditions such as treating women as sexual conquests, striking women who entrench their personal space in an aggressive manner, wishing to CNTRL a woman’s life through whatever means, or by being molesteed or abused by women who are seen as the weaker sex?

How do these men realistically defend themselves while retaining their masculinity? Even more tragic, what do you do if you find yourself in this dilema and your skin color is black? Meaning soceity already has a pre-existing fear against you making your case double negative in comparison to the average American male. Who, in the eyes of America, is the traditional American male?

Who/where do men turn to when their pleas are drowned by the ridicule of peers? One pal suggested the law. Has it come to this? An era where male and female wage war with each other in effect finiancing the pockets of the racisit judicial system? Even I, the humble King of Assholes searches for another way.

Dear Diary,

Sometimes in life we take things for granted. For me this was Dollar General store #6509. I remember my days @ the DG fondly, many many…years ago during a different administration from the current. @ any time I could walk-in and be the host to a wonderful type of verbal abuse that one can only experience in a broken home or low test scoring school located in Lithonia, GA called Stephenson Middle.

Looking back, I wished I would’ve appreciated store #6509 more than I had. What i’ll miss most was the strippers who’d visit during off hours; who teased me…but looked great doing it. And how could I forget the crusty vajayjay ladies who’d always shout my catch phrases “Im a comedian!” “Cailito has entered the building!” and “He crazy!”

Like my big sister Nelly always says “why all good things come to an end” and such is true for store #6509. It was fun tho.

A shoutout to a special lady who was robbed at gunpoint without recieving adequete monetary or psychological componsation from the heads in charge. “Yo! Netflix and Chill?”

-You’re all beautiful. Couldn’t of done it without ya.
-Cailito the filthy animal Otee