Dear Diary,

Sometimes in life we take things for granted. For me this was Dollar General store #6509. I remember my days @ the DG fondly, many many…years ago during a different administration from the current. @ any time I could walk-in and be the host to a wonderful type of verbal abuse that one can only experience in a broken home or low test scoring school located in Lithonia, GA called Stephenson Middle.

Looking back, I wished I would’ve appreciated store #6509 more than I had. What i’ll miss most was the strippers who’d visit during off hours; who teased me…but looked great doing it. And how could I forget the crusty vajayjay ladies who’d always shout my catch phrases “Im a comedian!” “Cailito has entered the building!” and “He crazy!”

Like my big sister Nelly always says “why all good things come to an end” and such is true for store #6509. It was fun tho.

A shoutout to a special lady who was robbed at gunpoint without recieving adequete monetary or psychological componsation from the heads in charge. “Yo! Netflix and Chill?”

-You’re all beautiful. Couldn’t of done it without ya.
-Cailito the filthy animal Otee


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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