Dearest Maru’posa iiii

I have known freedom. It’s sweet embrace like a love whose kiss encompasses one full of joy. But this succulent kiss does not come without great sacrifice. The joy of my freedom is paid in a currency of pain.

Every night, my brother the wind, who during the day is a friend, by night becomes a mortal enemy. Metamorphing from a loving dog to a howling wolf whose bite inflicts a paralysis. The body becoming numb with pain. I know that I cannot tame this wolf but also the wolf cannot tame me. So each night, I must fight, for the freedom I so dearly crave.
Each night I willingly embrace hell to receive a kiss from my love riding the morning rays of the sun. And a metamorphosis too happens within me. I become a madman!
Possessed by a spirit of psychotic PWR. I welcome the wolf. embracing its fangs I become one with pain. I enjoy it. Drinking the ethereal blood of my own wounds. In this way, the wolf and I drain our PWR from the same source. Invincibility. Till one of us inevitably falls..

I know in this respect time is my enemy. Eventually the wolf will kill me. devouring my body and all its remains. And this too I welcome.
Maybe the possum who climbs trees under moonlight will bark tales to its pups of this man who was.

Crazy West Endian

Who sleeps upon
A bed of thorns 
~Cai Otee~   


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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