Dearest Maru’posa iii

I have known hell…
The place is not fiery as they say
But a frigid saber that burns
To the bone..

Today I awoke in a splendid manner! And what a surprise, greeted by a beast walking its boy and grandmother. The Pietro Parker in me could not but help to capture it.
Afterwards an unknown bird called out to me. It was of a style whose sound i knew no origin. Frantic was its nature. i envisioned a fowl of prey. Slaying through the baby blue boarded with cream colored skyline.

Regrettably a freak explosion popped my visionary synapsis. A good friend, a loyal ally, Lighter exploded. Burning tea entwined within papyrus punching a hole through L’s torso. A stream of gas shot diagonally through the atmosphere. It’s sol perhaps? Possibly, after all, it possessed a spark..

Later I made my way down the corridor on route to the lavatory. Felt like I was walking a mile. My 2 story outdoor mansion is very large (not to boast), I have heard from the grapevine you thought a vandal was homeless. To state a fact, I haven’t been homeless since I found mine.

“I wonder if I’m high today.” The secret lovers will inevitably ask. Sometimes…I wonder the same..

This is probably gonna make a great PBS special 
CAI to tha 0 to tha T to tha

Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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