On Asian Owned Shops Catering to Black Americans (+) Customers

In short it’s pretty fucking retarded. If one of the main issues affecting Black Americans historically and presently is lack of representation due to lack of wealth within the community than obviously where Black Americans spend their “ching ching” is of great importance. It seems everyone understands this fact but Black Americans…specifically the ones who shop at Asian owned vanity shops catering to…Black Americans.

Of all commodities Black Americans concentrate their money on, vanity products (chiefly in the form of hair care) as the most dominant. If this is the case one is left to wonder, how much more PWR and influence would Black Americans have if they opened their own vanity shops to those of the foreign owned vanity shops.

Honestly this author is far from an entrapaneur or business minded person so I could be incorrect in this assessment but I imagine the pioneers of these ventures would probably make a decent profit while simultaneously keeping money within their own communities.. Something it seems other ethnic groups have mastered.

But don’t mind me, I’m just telling you shit you already know. Ya know?


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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