On Family Legacy

In a grander sense we are all children; in the philosophy that none of us (no matter how arrogantly it sounds) asked to be born. We are here out of the request of our fathers and mothers who bore us; they who manifested reality for us to be here. As such, no matter how far the star has fallen from its orbit or no matter how far the branches have strayed from its roots, upon request, every child has a God (if you subscribe to that type of theory) given right to know of its blood line preserved within the memory of its elders..

If the begetters do not know it is their responsibility to lead the offspring to the right direction personal feelings for the subject inquiring be damned. If it bothers parents this much to assist in their child’s education then they should think twice before fucking and siring life. No matter nationality, ethnicity, or social class, inevitably, every (wo)man will inquire its historical blood legacy.

It is your duty as an elder to first know the knowledge and then be ready when the time of inquiry comes.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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