Coyote Film Klub

Presidito Cailito
M-F / 4:20pm
West End Public Library
Mission Statement

The purpose of the Coyote Film Klub is to screen a movie of any genre and critique the various elements of mis-en-scene (set design, lighting, space, composition, costume, aspect ratio, acting, film stock) via written report turned into klub leader after screening. Responses will be assessed and returned to members afterwards.

CFK is rated “G” for general admittance, no ages/holds/styles barred and its design is intended to prepare members for a future in the motion pictures as either student, worker or aficionado of film in response to Atlanta’s rising film industry.

If you enjoy screening movies and talking shit about them afterwards in literary fashion, don’t hesitate…JOIN CFK TODAY!

UPDATE: Due to lack of funding and staff CFK is canceled upon further notice.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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