On Gender Wars

It seems as if since antiquity, maybe even further, 1492 to infinity, thee two sexes of the human species, female and male have been at odds. Seeing as how both are polar opposites physically, one can understand and identify with the dilemma. However, it seems as if certain factions, most likely bio and philosophical descendants of the originators, have decided to wage a war between the sexes.

One side representing feminity and fighting to erradicate female oppression. The other, representing masculinity and fighting to preserve a PWR base however “Things Fall Apart” (Achebe). The interesting factor about both factions is that they both desire the same end goal: PWR. Yet, they have mistakenly crossed lanes with each other wheen the true enemy remains at large as they always have been; wealthy, land owning, white men…Historically speaking.

This is Cai once again telling you shit you most likely aready know.    


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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