On the 3rd Definition of Gay

Throught the history of the english language, words have been born that when aged, redefine their definition. In it’s infancy the word gay was used to describe an individual full of joy or as an adjective to describe something positive. As the word reached its teen years, it became villified by mainsream culture for its homosexual orientation.

Now in its mid 20s, gay has redefined itself once again. Gay is now used as a crutch for (wo)men too shy or unintelligent enough to oralize/describe their emotional disdain from the rejection of a person that does not find them desirable in any one or multiple ways.

So instead of acting like a mature minded person and ignoring subject originating rejection or inquiring as to the reasons why they are being rejected, the rejectee takes the easy way out and falsely mislabels entire groups of individuals for not submitting to their rationale. And then wonder why they can’t get a (wo)man.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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