A Hetero’s Apology to LGBQ

Throughout my life living in the south, Georgia specifically,  I have been witness to a great injustice. Human beings who choose to identify as homosexual being bullied, harassed, discriminated by those who identify as heterosexual.

While i personally identify as hetero and am innocent in any of these festivities of discrimination, i still feel as if i should offer up an apology on behalf of my casstte. We heteros can be disguisting at times in our (in)descisons and actions against those that do not identify with our home team.

As a hetero I can understand being unattracted to the sexual activites of homosexuals but that does not give us permission to physically inflict pain upon them or any other type of discomfort. Nor should we try to police their lives and control who they choose to love and spend the remainder of their lives with for tax purposes.

So once again, homosexuals, on behalf of all heterosexuals, even thosse who will not agree with this post, i apologize for the transgressions my people have committed against you during the course of our shared existence on this planet we call Earth.

In time i hope my people can rise above their evil ways because they honestly have no real argument against you other than

“what you do is an abomination against the word of god” but most of these people who’ve ive encountered are not truly living according to the word of god (Yaweh, Jesus, Allah, none of em)  and “what you do is a crime against nature” but these same jabronies litter on a daily basis sooooo yeah…

Keep doin what you’re doin.

If however you want to talk about a United States conspiracy to sabotage the repopulation efforts of those they identify as African-American thats a story for a different day.