On Why One should Never Remain Humble

You’ve heard the classic mantra before “stay humble” usually advice given to you by a loved one or baby boomer. But why? When One thinks about it does remaining humble in situations of distress truly make sense? To cross reference another classic african american mantra “closed mouths dont get fed” seems to imply that if One is too humble they will lose out on opportunities for success, in this case the basic human right of food.

In my personal experience, individuals who are always trying to persuade others to be humble are usually scared of something. Diggin deep into the issue One feels at its core, the philosophy of staying humble is a defensive technique implying that if you keep your guard up by keeping your head down no harm shall befall you. But this advice seems also classist in a way as the celebrities and mega rich we are taught to idolize are everything but humble. (And they get away with it)
Like anything you should probably be humble within reason but never be too humble in that you cower or forget what it means to fight back when your ass is against a wall. Being humble in a situation of duress never gets One anything but more abuse. Sometimes you gotta fuck being humble and whip your dick out.


Am i wrong?...Am i?..And the church said

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