Hey, how are you
Its been a while since we last talked
Had a dream about you last night
We were at some party
Chillin in a room
Me, You, Matt, and Cat
Matt was wearing a black wig
I was trying to smoke a joint
(and failing miserably)
Sitting on a couch
It was You who brought us together
Drawing cards we played a game
I dont remember much after
Or the card i chose to play
But what i do remember
Is that i miss you and
I’m glad i got another chance to see you
Even if it was only in my head


Stinky Feet

The dames of Atlanta cried out in despair
There were no men left
Where had all the men gone
They collectively wondered
However, hidden in plain sight
the men were still present but
Unrecognizable to the women
Who had long forgotten what a true man was
Polluted by ideals of fluff and fantasy
They desired perfumed princes and
Boys who easily gave unto their lust
True men did not fall for such spells
And so the women continued to wail
No choice but to share the same phallus
And pretend they were his one and only
The true men looked on from a comfortable distance
Albeit bored and a bit lonely but
Merrily free from the bullshit

Blood Seed

Falling falling
the earth opened its mouth
swallowing me whole
descent into darkness
deeper and deeper
the roots cared not for my despair
prayers were told to deaf ears
were not answered
falling deeper
until peace beneath the soil


im kinda like a biggie album
ready to die
but im still here
for some reason
not sure why
this place was never home to me
when im gone i wont miss it
the dead dont reminisce
the living forget the dead
Earth keeps spinning



A Loser Is U

To all the black mothers
Mommies in gen
Who withhold sons from their fathers
Enjoy your victory now
When the future arrives
And your pups grow to be wolves
You’ll reap what you sow
Loneliness shall become you
When you are exiled from their hearts