Positively Hellish


Spoke to a lady yesterday
A real positive thinker
Trying to console me
She told me
“You are right where
You are supposed to be”

Her console i reject
Because i’m living in hell
Been here for years and
Gonna die here soon
Would’ve burnt up already
Years ago but
my aura was just too chill

i don’t belong here
Never have
i’ve committed no crime
To warrant this sentence

But i guess being poor
In a land where
Capital is equivalent to holiness
Thus makes me a villain
A devil resigned to be
Mocked and held in captivity
Along with all the other demons

Sitting here in the dark
Plotting, brooding
Lamenting over my financial mortality
Which could fade in an instant
Akin to a single flame against a gust of wind

Unable to find employment
Unable to create a product to sell
Alone i sit in this decrepit cell
Paralyzed by powerlessness
Waiting to die
Mamon shows my soul no mercy

But maybe
My last hope
Like a single spark in the dark
Before i lay down to sleep
If i say my prayers and
I’ll wake to free health care and
Financial stability


Mushroom Pizza

These mushrooms i purchased
Out of greed
Are making a bitch out of me
All i have to do is chop em
In little pieces and
Place em on a pizza

But i just CANT
Mushrooms are too much for me
Texture just don’t feel right
And the taste!
But maybe…

If i dig down deep
Summon the will power
i can do it
“Nah man”
Another voice inside me counsels
“Don’t punish yourself”
“Just say no”

“No need to be a hero”
But the other me
(s)He still wants to try
(s)He never submits easily
My kind of guy
Do or die
And so i continue to ponder

Becoming the hero i need to be
Slicing, dicing, toasting the mushrooms
Dinner is served at last
Hey whaddya know
Not so bad

For Here or To Go?

i was never one
To eat at five star restaurants
Can barely afford the meal
Let alone the tip

Servers and i
We exist in the same poverty bracket
Yet i’m not good enough
To break bread at their tables
You tell me
In a privileged way

“Cant tip stay home”
Assuming i have a home to go to
True, You work for slave wages
So why don’t You rebel
Organize and strike back?

Guess it’s just easier for You
For me to pay Your bills
As opposed to rebelling against
A corrupt practice
Even workers at Mcdonalds
Fought for $15
So why can’t You?

If shoes were reversed
You wouldn’t want it that way
How i know?

i give You extra spicy sauce and
Napkins with Your order
But i don’t see an extra dime
Only the bare minimum

Just another shitty day
Welcome to Taco Bell
How may i take your order


One of the sexiest things
To me
A woman
Fully clothed
Head to toe
In gi

Black belt, white belt
To me its all the same
Tai Chi, Muay Thai
Any style is fair game

im just a ruroni on a quest
Welcoming all comers
Can we kick it?
Cross knuckles and
Form a new tribe?

Or Maybe its Just the South

Whenever i work
Under an african american boss
They are always threatened by
My intelligence
But caucasian bosses love it
i wonder why

Its like
i have to dumb myself down
To appeal to their approval
Its always yassir boss and nassir boss
Because when i co-rrect-ly pronounce
My words
They become perturbed

Its like
They want me to suffer
Through the same inequities
They experienced
In order to prove myself worthy
Not realizing that they
Are continuing the same spirit of hate
That they experienced in youth

Caucasian bosses however
Adore my intellect
They are always so amazed
When i pronounce words correctly
Or speak without an accent
It baffles their minds
That i was born a local
Often assuming i was born in
Some far away place
To them i am exotic
A breath of fresh air from
The breeds they are used to
Or so they tell me

Inevitably i am stuck
Between two roles
For two audiences
Dummy and Intellectual
Fetishized by both


The People

I used to march and
Fight the power
Risking life and limb
For the people
Slowly but surely
I came to realize
The people werent worth it
Lazy, apathetic beings
Who never moved an inch
As injustice came swinging like a gaval
Would rather bitch and moan about
How resistance is impossible
And comfortably join the dark side while
Refusing to struggle to see the light
No knowledge of self or history
They fall easy prey to propaganda
Wont ever raise their voice
To shout fuck the police
But are quick to punch a nazi
Never realizing they are one in the same
On their hands innocents’ blood is stained
But i guess a nazi is more convienant than a cop
Safer to fight a powerless peon
Than a government who empowers him with tools to murder
So you lie to yourselves
Hold rallies where hundreds march the streets
And get nothing done
But a fat pat on the back and photo op
Acquiring a false sense of security
Sleep walking in the domain of the enemy