The Master

i know you want me
Can see that look in your eyes
But truth is darlin
Im one of those guys
Your mother warned you about
See i never have much to say
Too smart for my own good and
Have tamed my carnal desires
Rarely will i ever need your help
Dont believe me
Just ask Leftie



You were born with a pussy
i, a dick
So im expected to open doors for you?
Carry your furniture
Fight for free, for you?
And if i dont im not a man?
I just dont understand
This sexist mentality
You should lift weights
Take a karate class
But that would require effort and
You’re too royal to break a sweat
Nobility, somethin i’ll never be
My palms are stained with callus
Thus i am unworthy
But you expect me to break my check
To buy your bread
Bitch please
I’ll take my ass to 12th street with a $20
Save a fortune
And be loved long time