Crunchy Rolls

MrMs Universe i ask you why oh
Why is it that anytime im about to reach a new plateau in life
There’s always a fat, disgruntled, bitch awaiting me at the top
Blocking my path to success with jealousy and disdain
I understand that i am an attractive person
I understand that they want these nuts
But why cant they tame their passions
And treat me like an average person
Because i guarantee if i was ugly
i would NOT be having these problems
What is it with fat bitches
Always infatuated with me
Thinking they can CNTRL me
Bitch i’m a monk who takes great care of his temple
My body is a wonderland
You don’t even rake your yard
Belly piled up internally with trash
What makes you think you have a chance
Why would i want to stick my dick in pollution
im not trying to be callous
Just being the opposite of fake
Its funny how when you give niggas the real
They feelings start to shake and bake
Egos becoming crispy


The Countdown Begins

Barely 2 weeks into my new job and we’ve had a change of management. Miss D the woman who hired me has been replaced with Miss T and wouldnt you know it Miss T is already trying to fire me.

Out story begins at 4:30AM today when i woke up to catch the bus for my 6AM shift. I arrived to work 20minutes later but wasn’t able to clock in until 20minutes after my scheduled start time because Miss T was late arriving. Her excuse being she didnt know anyone was working with her this morning and so she went to go eat breakfast.

I basically continue on with my day and perform all the extra duties she tells me to do which include selling extra merchandise for some company competition, stocking in between customers, etc.

At the end of my shift Miss T tells me that I’m off the schedule till Wednesday and that i have to call back to see if i have more hours because i wasn’t hustling enough. Honestly I feel she got jealous that i was doing the job better than she was doing hers but whatever. I couldnt even add my opinion to the subject because she became confrontational so i figured it was best to shut up and get the fuck outta there.

I’m still trying to figure out how the hell i’m the one that needs to hustle if i showed up on work on time but she showed up late. Go figure. At this point i could already feel the uncomfortable vibe between out two energies so i know its only a matter of time before she fires me. Time to rack up all these minimum wage pennies the best i can while i can i guess.


Like Martin Luther King
I had a dream
But not about anything grandiose
Like color or creed
Of gaining my friend back
Wishing i had a father

You walked away from me
Never really knew why
Guess i became too annoying
I get it
Or maybe
Your friends swayed you against me
In a private conversation
i was not invited to where
i couldn’t defend myself from
Lies used against me but
Even when i tell you truths
You never believe me

He and i
We used to be close
Guy was my number one hero
Person i depended on the most
Still is
But his weakness for women
And their greed for his attention
Turned to jealousy against me
Manipulating you to side against me
And now here we are
After all these years

Like Aladdin i had a wish
Spanning one thousand and one nights
But not about anything grandoise
Like wealth or love
Wanted my father to like me
Wanted my friend back

Now the only time i see you two
Is in my dreams
Or are they nightmares?
Because when i wake i
Return to this reality
But you two stay there
Deep in another dimension
Close but far away
Time has become an enemy
Creating a barrier so thick
My words no longer penetrate
There is nothing i can say

Customer Service

Today at work
A customer says to me
“You look like you don’t wanna be here”
Gee bitch what gave it away?
My tired feet?
Aching back?
Or the minimum wage i’m paid to perform the labors of ten men
(Cuz sexist employer practices rarely hire women to stock)
All this i say to her mentally
As i bend over…
To lift another box
Ignoring her and her comment entirely