On Why Kissing is Yuckie

First let me begin by saying
i appreciate dicks
i have a dick
But i don’t want one around my face

I’m a guy and you’re a gal
I’ve never sucked a dick but
Chances are YOU have
And everytime i go in to kiss you
i cant help but think about
When was the last time you blew
And if you still have jizz residue
Inside your mouth

i don’t just kiss ANYBODY
You gotta be REAL important
To me for me to
Take that risk

Go ahead ask around
Take a poll and see
How many ladies
Have kissed me
You wont find (m)any

Just not a risk
im motivated to take



The past is reaching out to me
Wanted me to tell You
That he said “hi”
But its a present day now
I’m a future Me
The past still lives
The future disallows him to speak
Mature to the mistakes
He has yet to make

The future remembers the past
In certain realities
Granting him permission to speak
Never the full feint
Not even the margins
Just the negative spaces
Hiding between the lines
(Whatever that means)

He hopes that You are doing well
More than hopes he knows it to be true
Potential of your PWR
StrongerĀ  than kale
In a world of infinite possibilities
Could have anything you want
If you put your intent to it

But the past is dead and gone
Existing only as memory
To a future still in development