Serve You

All the time, You clean up after me
i’m not that dirty, so the damage is minimal
(But pennies add up)
And i always want to return the favor
Take care of You
But You, too perfect,
You never spill or leave a crumb out of place
So for me, could you be, a bit more, messy?
So i can have a chance to(o)
Retrieve your socks
Wash your spoon
Wipe the jam from your lip as you bite into your toast
The thought of serving You
Is when i am happiest


Numero Uno



Up past my bed time reading literature like an addict
What is this madness?
When i have to be to work by 4 (am)
And this is how i know
i have a problem
Addicted to you
its true its true
Before even Mary


Coyote 10:13




If you’re a christian
and you’re a wishin evil upon me
That subjects you too to
Some quality time in hell
Careful what you think about bitch
Careful what you think
Remember motherfucker
I’m your baby brother