Nobody Likes You


You deceitful bitch
I thought you were gone
Thought I was through with you
But here I wake up
To come to find
Your cold ass
Greeting me as I step outside my door
No Winter
Stop it
We all like Spring now
He’s funnier than you are
You’re too quiet Winter
And when you touch me…
I’m sorry!
I didn’t mean it like that
Its just…
Just please
Go home


Same Page

i know you used to care
Feeling is mutual
i know i annoy you
Feeling is mutual
i enjoy the memories more
Than i do the real thing now
And i miss the melody of the music
More than i miss your voice
Wise men say
You can obtain anything in this world
All you need is the help of a woman
Consider me the fool choosing
To live a more minimalist way
Keep your clunky automobiles
Keep your boxed spring mattresses
i’ve learned to live without
i got out

Of the Wolves

You’re a bit delusional
About many things
But of most importance
Facts bout me
Right now you really
Overestimate yourself
Thinking against me you stand a chance
Sometimes when you stink
Its hard to smell oneself
So let me be the first to tell ya
You smell like shit
You fell off
Sad story to recite
My lieutenant, tho weaker
Would knife you on site
Strength is important but
First blood over everything

Ultra Instinct

Spent my whole life chasin
Chasin dem super sayia-jins
When i coulda been rackin my kaiokens
x10, x20
Traded gravity rooms for
Kinetic motion
Strength yielding for speed
Only through constant motion
Will a new PWR awaken
Beyond Coyote-style
Hailing higher than the winds
Beyond the PWR Psyko
Faster than drug influences
Like water
Instantaneous flow