I want to talk to You
As a friend
(without the benefits)
You always thought my advances treachery
It’s impossible to make you understand
That i have always
Then and now
Advanced with your joy being my motivation
i used to be secretive
Because i wanted to surprise you with gifts
Because that one single moment
When your face frowns
Then immediately bursts into smiles
Was my nirvana
Your happiness pleasured me
But you always assumed
i, up to no good
Slaying the faith
That motivated me to honor You





i know You want to see me
i wanna see You too
i think it’s better this way
Is a good thing
i’d rather be a distant memory
Than a current regret
Tragedy is all that will befall
You an i
it’s the lie i tell myself
To ease my pain of the present regret
i have
That You are now a distant memory