Still, i Dream of Egypt

i saw her standing in a crowd
Doing the unusual
i walked over to say hi
She smiled and embraced me
I hugged her tightly
Trying to communicate with my body
The emotions my tongue couldn’t say
Growing self conscious, i began to pull away
But she held on to me tighter
She whispered
“Don’t you go away”



He was always excited
Runing home from work
Logging online
Just to see
If she posted a msg today
Just to know
That she was alive
and well…
That was enough to make him


He tried and was unsuccessful
But for some reason
Still had hope
Who knows
But you play the odds long enough
“Eventually you hit jackpot
Right tiger?”
He was nobody special
Goin nowhere in particular
Just the story
Of another gambler
Passin through


(s)he clawed desperately
Clinging till fingers bled
Trying to hold on to the past
Hurt less every time s(h)e let go
So (s)he let go
Floating in space
Learning from the jelly-fish
Creatures who defy time

Mr. Wise Guy

She spoke to him
“Love is a losing game”
But he was a gambler
With the odds
Forever in his favor
She told him
“Love alone
Was not enough”
But he was a loner
Loving alone
Was all he knew

Ya’ll Greedy

Just want every body to know
i’m keeping score
Women get 2 holidays
Mothers and (International) Women’s Day
(And probably some other i’m forgetting)
But men get only one
(And women ain’t cheerful about it when it get here)
Father’s Day
But only fathers and sons can celebrate
What about us bastards?
I say women get a gender holiday
So should the rest of us
Not only International Mens Day but
International Hermaphrodites Day as well
Fuck it, International Trans Day too!
A win for one of us is a win for us all
Equal Gendered Days Now!
My motivation for this?
i’m doing this for all the little boys out there
Who don’t get to celebrate a gendered specific holiday
Like their punk ass sisters who get a freebie for Womens Day
A holiday  just for being but what does baby boy get?
Not a goddamn thing
He is more than a future mule
Did you forget he is human too?
Should he not be celebrated?

Cai Is Like

The final level
A plateau of greatness
So high that
Even my enemies insults
Have no choice
But to become complementary
He thinks he’s better than us”
Why yes, i am, thank you
“He’s a computer”
Yes, i am that much smarter than you, Yes
“He be doin too much”
Yes i live in multiverses simultaneously multitasking
“Slow down”
But i’m lightning constantly kinetic
“He be changing”
Yes the wind doth blows in many different directions