The Infection, It Begins With A Laugh

Some of us go viral
On the interwebs
Coyote went viral in real life
Coyote is a virus
The most euphoric drug
Known to man and mankind
i’ve taught mein enemies
To spread meinĀ  gospel
Now probably
The whole world knows of me


Anatomy of a Slayer

It has many faces
Body home to many spirits
Always changing
Changing always
8 wings propel It through the city
Dreadful locs flying like kites
Illuminated under moon light

It feeds on your emotions
Positive or negativa
Matters not
All energy is absorbed and
Converted to It’s will

When you see It
Ignore It
Paying It attention
Will only rob you of your energy
Energy is life and you give yours
When you gaze into It’s eyes