Hey Guh, Lemmie Brrw Yo Flash Drive

It had been a year and some change
Since his last gospel
And through all that time
The editing process had not gotten
Any simpler
In fact this would begin todays
Set of dilemmas
In order to graduate past
The first stage of editing errors
Our protagonist
Would have to search and find
A new computer to send the files
As his decrepit dinosaur
Was not up to task
This would require the skills
Networking & Public Communication
Two skills our protagonist hated
Had access to in spades


Good Hair Day

Her hair was short and curly
Kinky & springy
Reminded me of music
Jazz specifically
Honestly it looked cute
Totally not like a poodle
(Why would she even think that? LOL)
And i don’t even support short hair
Probably easier to manage too
Take it from experience
Long hair is a chore
i guess what i’m trying to say is
Welcome Home

10, 9, Seconds

Wish i could’ve penned
Another sappy love story
About her
But didn’t know her
Long enough
Didn’t get the chance
Our world came to an end
And during the final countdown
We shared a kiss of the mind
Going backwards in time
i saw her struggles
i felt her pain
Her spirit was forged of phoenix fire
So when the world ended
She did too
But only to rise again

He Doesn’t Like You Like That

The worst thing a (wo)man can do to a woman
Is convince her a Man A likes her
When Man A doesn’t really
This only lead to more trouble for Man A
When Woman A discovers the truth
Even though Man A had nothing to do with it
Woman A should get mad at the (wo)man
Who originally crafted the tale BUT
i guess that would take too much integrity

Blame it on the

i have a problem guys
An addiction to be exact
Like a broken faucet
Flow keeps goin, no stops
Getting worse with age
Began with integrity now
i’ll take it any way i can
On a bus, sidewalk
In between shifts inside
Public lavatory stalls
Terminally illin and
No cures in sight
(Except the love of a boss bitch but
Dem only love money, crazy right?)
Doomed to live this life
It’s all your fault
Why do you do this to me
You always ruin everything
Why can’t you just-
i’m talking to YOU