A Loser Is U

To all the black mothers
Mommies in gen
Who withhold sons from their fathers
Enjoy your victory now
When the future arrives
And your pups grow to be wolves
You’ll reap what you sow
Loneliness shall become you
When you are exiled from their hearts

Well Doc,

I’d say i first began having problems back when i was a kid.
My mother, she made join her cult
Once a week we’d wake up early
We’d have to dress in ceremonial garb
Then we’d travel to a castle
Inside the cult leader would read to us
Passages from some book everyone had a copy of
Then the cult would start to sing and dance
People would lose control of themselves
Shouting and convulsing on the floor like maniacs
This was due to the ghost that inhabited the castle
The ghost lived in the castle and when the people
Came to worship it, he would possess them
Luckily i was never chosen
But it gets worse
Next they would make us drink blood
And eat human flesh
We only had to do this once a month
It was a ritual to appease the ghost
To mourn the body he once had
See the ghost was jealous
On account we all still had bodies and he didnt
After the cannibalism the cult leader would
Lead us to a pool and dip us under water then raise us up
A ritual signifying we were reborn

Yeah, after a month i knew i had to get the fuck out of that house
i thought that by escaping the house i could escape the cult
But the cult was latched on to the community
And the community was everywhere
Basically i was fucked

Shit From A Distance

life is like walking down the street and seeing death come in the opposite direction
if you turn around now it’d look suspect
so you keep walking
with each step growing older
getting closer to your demise
along the way you think about what to say when you get close
maybe something witty
you’re really just hoping for a quick nod
and to not be interrupted
but death is a talker
she wont let you get away that easily
i’ve yet to meet her; death
but we’ve been walking towards each other for a long time now and
im beginning to see her silhouette in the distance
its shapely, curves in all the right places
then again, my vision has always been…