The Snowden Situation

so russia was like “yo snowden, you dnt gotta go home but u gotta get the fuck up outta here” so snowden was waiting for his ride, which was really late, like “all the other kids left the daycare 2hrs ago but I’m still here” late.

I mean he culdve gotten a ride a lot sooner but the states run the block like deebo and people aint tryna get their gold chains/bicycles snatched.

But venezuela was like “fuck it, I ain’t scared, u can come chill @ my crib….cuz u know, they jst kidnapped my cuzzo a few days ago. ”

And I teleported into the convo all late and was like “but isn’t ur cuzzo the prezzo of bolivia?..”

And Venezuela was like, “yeah”

And I was like “you knw they strapped and be ballin outta cntrl rite”

And venezuela was like “yeah, but its about the principality of it all”


Regarding Obama’s Trayvon Martin (7/19/13) Speech

A lot of people are probably impressed by Obama’s most recent speech. I think he’s chipping away at the power structures when he should be pounding. Any self respecting conscious person would.

Especially when he knows how much power his voice commands. It’s like Blastoise using bubble dance to extinguish a Charizard’s flamethrower when he could’ve used hydro cannon and saved us all the suspense.

You cant use a bubble dance speech against the flamethrower situation of discrimination we have here in Amerika and expect any real change.