The Right To Be A Coward

Technically dont i have a right to be a coward?
Like if a man can choose to be a woman
And vice versa
Why cant i choose to be a coward?
Why you ask
Strictly for the benefits
We’ve as a species
Have entered a brave new world
Where anyone can potentially be
Anything and
Choices and ideas that were
Demonized in the past
Today we collectively have
A different stance on
And have realized
Some off these choices arent so bad
So why cant I choose to be a coward
And have my choice if not celebrated


Kid Cai & the Backpack Rebellion

Every where he went for years, nonstop, madness.
Anytime the Kid they call Cai  would enter a convenience store
Cai would have to maneuver through a series of pitfalls
Designed to lesson his shopping experience
And make him an innocent shopper
Feel like a criminal

As soon as Cai
would enter the store
He would be assaulted by employees
Demanding he turnover his backpack to them
Due to store policy
The same store policy that offered no
Insurance in case his bag be robbed
While in thier custody

Basically his backpack
Acted as an insurance policy for the store
An old southern tradition
Rob a black man of his personal property
So that he doesnt shoplift

I’ve never been sent to jail for a crime
So why should the innocent
Have to shop guilty?

Open Palm Serpent vs Dog lb Fist

In the world of underground street fighting.
Some bouts go unrecorded
Left instead to word of mouth and
The date 01-16-17
Marked such an occasion
Two wolves of opposing styles
Serpent fang vs Dog paw

It began
Quick thrusts from Serpent
Heavy blocks by Dog
Dog responds
Jabbing paws
Serpent evades
This exchange continued till
Serpent landed a decisive blow
Stinging Dog in the chest
Stumbling backwards
Dog tripped on a foreign object
Fell to his back