To Paint A Wedding Red

Last time i checked
This was AMERICA
Last time i checked
America defeated the crown
We weren’t down with kings
Queens, or the monarchy
So why the fuck
Is every news station around town
Broadcasting this traitorous
Royal Wedding
Boomhower get the Deere
And call Owen and Vaughn
We got a ceremony to crash
Hungry wolves riding north
To paint a wedding red


The War on Fat Bitches

Its always a random fat bitch
That gives me the most problems in life
Why is that?
They probably want my attention
They probably want the D
Why else then would they bother me
i know it ain’t cuz they wanna jog with me
i know it ain’t cuz they wanna write poetry
These fat bitches
They all the same
Lame, lame, lame

Laughs & Drafts

Basically i’m the
N00b Saibot of stand-up
Never took the stage
Yet all the playas know me
Legend of CaiOtee continues
Shrouded behind mystery
Bitches at the comedy club be
Siting next to me
Throwing me attention
Better spent on her boyfriend
i wonder how his feelings felt
She sure got quiet quick
When he left
Shout out to Lisa Smith
The humorous turtle
She can get it anytime
Come see about me
Only if you bout it
That supreme life

Yella Banners

Van Gogh would be my ninja turtle name
If i was one
i know many of you were thinking Picasso
But no, i’m more of a starry night individual
No never been to Saint-Remy
But i did some time in Peachford
Even though i do agree
“Everything you can imagine is real”
So i dream of film making and then film my dreams
So when you see me
Say my name say my name
Van Gogh
When i see you bet you
im’a make you say my name
Say my name