Sue + Me

Sue wanted Me
Me wanted Sue
But Me knew it’d only bring Sue shade
And Sue was a sunflower so
Me dissipated
Allowing sunlight in
A saber of solar
Stabbing through a storm cloud


Funny Fucks

I love the sound of your voice
Your laugh gives me crazy chills
So much i recline and replay you
Over and over
Everytime the thought of you runs through my mind
You look sexier each time
That’s my bad
Im workin YOU out
It’s true my digits never dressed you down
But i bet the giggle match the drapes
For me a sneak preview
Of the moan your mouth makes
As im munchin
Your laughter penetratin my ear
That’s right we fuckin

Alkaloid Sativa Rose

Pretty like a flower
Bess were attracted to It
Thorny like a rose
It’s nature to them
But the bees continued to bzzz!
The flower.
Unaware the truth
Its roots produced
Some bees got close
Sampled Its nectar
And quit being bees
No longer content with serving a queen
Done with all the bzzzzing
Slowing down, growing stems, wings to leaves
Becoming flowers themselves
Enemies of the colony


The thunders still persist
Abducting me, i descend into hell
Wading thru de nile, Hapi

Thru exp, i’ve learned new tricks,
“the mind metamorphs the body at will”
So said the education of the plant
“to be rooted, body channeling, the WAVs
to be rooted, body bending, every-which-way of the wind
to be rooted, body soaking, rays from above”
the thunders, beings who speak in wavs n rays
Transported via aqua n sky within waves containing WAVS