From Pittsburgh With Love

Every individual i ever befriended
Of Russian descent
Has been a positive influence upon my life
Politics aside
Speaking solely from the soul
i’ve learned from them all
From surplus value to editing film
And most important of all
Love is not enough


Dreaming of Coral Snake Woman (Prelude T(w)o Fall) 

​Her body

Peaked and sloped 

Like uneven terrain

As if molded from Gea 


(So curvy she made waves of the sea envious – 

Another story)

Tattooed on, a second skin

Vertical stripes 

Red, green, yellow, blue

Blending into black

So much time has elapsed

Her image still burning

Existing in memory

Unforseen how

Under the orange aura 


i’d still be dreaming 

ON: Patriotism

As an American 

How can I not feel empathy

For every Japanese i see

Knowing I know the history

Hiroshima & Nagasaki & Perry

Spreading open a dragons legs 

Taking the sovereignty of 

A child of god 

Ejaculating its influence within

Interiors, its walls

As an American

When i see Nipponese 

i can only lower my head

In shame i bow

As a citizen doing

What presidents should 


Alone in his room he sat
Just a boy on his computer
To his upper left, a chair
Lay-Z-Boy recliner
To be exact, this chair
With a mind of its own
Spun 40 degrees stopping
Only to face the boy
As if some invisible man
Was sitting there, watching
Luckily the boy was balanced
Friend to both sides
the Dark and the Light

Celino Villanueva Jaramillo

Number 121
The new record to beat
Didn’t even die naturally
Pierced his lung and
Killed himself
Fatal result of
The fall of man
Just an irregular worker dude
No wife, no kids
Outliving all his relatives
Chained to a bed but
Indigenous to the end
i like that

Good Hair Day

Her hair was short and curly
Kinky & springy
Reminded me of music
Jazz specifically
Honestly it looked cute
Totally not like a poodle
(Why would she even think that? LOL)
And i don’t even support short hair
Probably easier to manage too
Take it from experience
Long hair is a chore
i guess what i’m trying to say is
Welcome Home