Stories From the Otherside


Something About A Breeze

Tropospheric folds within Planet’s atmosphere
Extend and retract
Children of gusts are born
Carrying out begetters’ ambition
One puff
Fo(u)r each generation

Debate of Elephant and Dokey and Star Eagle who Governed from Above

In the time before man rose to dominance.
Earth was ruled by the beasts.
Steadfast stallions galloped the plains.
Dastardly dolphins skipped the seas and
Skies were full of murder.
It was a season of purity.
A time of myth and legend.
It was the age of Tooth and Claw.

a Pen a Book and a Web

There was a man
In his hand a pen
On his lap a notebook
As the pages grew
Stained-crumpled w/ age
A man noticed something peculiar
Everything he wrote
Came to be
Or so he thought

So to test his theory
He authored experiments
A man was right about his hunch
Also he learned something new
More PWRful than his pen & book
Was the web of conscious surrounding them

The kids on the corner
The elders of the streets
Even some random at Church’s Chicken
He noticed, could see him
As he saw them when
Biographing their moments

A man was so stunned
By all that he knew
In order to stay sane
He refused to believe it true
A man tried to retreat
Back to what he was before
the book, the pen and the web
But he could not repress this door
This door was made of a heavy
Unlike any other before
This door remained open
Albeit not wide just ajar
Enough for a man to manage

Alkaloid Sativa Rose

Pretty like a flower
Bess were attracted to It
Thorny like a rose
It’s nature to them
But the bees continued to bzzz!
The flower.
Unaware the truth
Its roots produced
Some bees got close
Sampled Its nectar
And quit being bees
No longer content with serving a queen
Done with all the bzzzzing
Slowing down, growing stems, wings to leaves
Becoming flowers themselves
Enemies of the colony