Is it such a dreadful thing
This desire to non-exist
Phasing through
This life
As if phantom
Speed Racer
Till the winding road ends
And you’ve arrived
Which i have been warned by many to never tread
But i have grown to learn that
Nowhere is my favorite place to be
Because no one is expecting you








Emerald Fire

Twas a typical Saturday night
The bar was overflowing with people
Alone she stood out
She was a shining gem
Everything around here a wash
Nothing was more accurate than her image
Couldn’t get her out of my mind
The whole night she reappeared
But who am i to her
But a long dead memory
Relic of  the past
There’s something remarkable about her
But i don’t think she knows it
She’s a million bucks but doesn’t realize her worth
People tell her but no one’s ever really shown her
Made her feel it


When i go shopping
i’m so happy
It is the ultimate game
And the prize is eats
These days i stay close to produce
Everything in a package is poison
(Eventually anyway)
My favorite aisle is the bakery
Within the bakery is a clearance rack
Upon the rack?
Discount breads and pastries
I hunt for macadamia nut cookies
From $4.99 to $1.79
Can’t beat that
Lately been buying a lot of melon
Its like i’m a nutty vampire
Thirsting for watermelon juice
Can’t make sense of it
i just drink
Talking about it now
The fangs are starting to itch
So enough for now

Serve You

All the time, You clean up after me
i’m not that dirty, so the damage is minimal
(But pennies add up)
And i always want to return the favor
Take care of You
But You, too perfect,
You never spill or leave a crumb out of place
So for me, could you be, a bit more, messy?
So i can have a chance to(o)
Retrieve your socks
Wash your spoon
Wipe the jam from your lip as you bite into your toast
The thought of serving You
Is when i am happiest

Numero Uno



Up past my bed time reading literature like an addict
What is this madness?
When i have to be to work by 4 (am)
And this is how i know
i have a problem
Addicted to you
its true its true
Before even Mary