Costco Combo Pizza

Got a hunger in my mind causing
A rumble in my tummy
There’s a certain flavor i want to taste
Costco combo pizza
When i recall the taste
i remember Your face
Soft brown lady
With a single bun
Swallowed by black dress
Wearing the frequency i like
(its all about energy with me)
Wish you would’ve talked more and
Had not been around your asshole friend
Her negativity spoiled the vibe
Next time have the courage to
Talk to me direct
With no posse by you side
A lone gunman always respects another



He stood there amidst a retail environment
Stocking merchandise a mental jolt caused him to halt
Stepping outside of himself
Psychely he
Saw to his left the choice others wanted him to make
(And he too as well, to a physical degree)
To his right, the tried and true path
Knew it like a wife
Temptation of a seductive destruction to the left
Tried and true success to the right
If he makes a left its all over
If he makes a right he’s still in the game
The left is buzzing a selective frequency
And i am bumble bee gravitating to honey pots
The right is easy money
Guaranteed success
Logic dictates he turn right
But when had fun ever needed logic?
Fun is on the left
Or was it
The Trinity to my matrix on the left
Road to ruin on my right
Infinite possibilities, all confusing
With no other cars behind me
Guess i can wait



You can tell a lot
About a persons character
Based on their rising upper
The execution of it i mean
Some are pinpoint, precise
Others, all over the place
Many styles all aiming for your face
The city was fighting
Where were you
The city is fighting
Where are you
Don’t blink
Guarantee you’ll miss it

Swan Song 2

We met years ago
In a strange land where
Sleep came after death
For a time we were mentally entwined
Eventually separating
Never thought i’d see her again then
Out of the blue
It was you
Now residing in my mother land
Honestly i just want to hold your hand
Same as i did then but
i’ve made many enemies and
They are devoid of integrity
They would do anything to punish me
Already they’ve pursued friends, family
Only a matter of time till
They’d get to you too so
Even though i know
i’d be the perfect man for you
My presence could lead
To your downfall and
im too weak to save us both so
i’ll cherish you from a far and
Send you my prayers
Enclosed safely in a bottle
i know and trust la onda
She will deliver to you my hopes
But know that when you receive them
You will not need them
Like a diamond you are a precious mineral
On your own able to obtain anything
Life has to offer

To Paint A Wedding Red

Last time i checked
This was AMERICA
Last time i checked
America defeated the crown
We weren’t down with kings
Queens, or the monarchy
So why the fuck
Is every news station around town
Broadcasting this traitorous
Royal Wedding
Boomhower get the Deere
And call Owen and Vaughn
We got a ceremony to crash
Hungry wolves riding north
To paint a wedding red