Lemon Pepper

Wolves don’t hunt aves
But this one
Acquired a particular taste
For the blood of falcons and
Dirty birds in general
Atlanta was its plaything
Concrete jungle for it to roam
So many wings to choose from
Which one would coyote
Devour next?


Swan Song

She was pretty like a swan
From a land called Taiwan
But among them
A rarity
Unique in a world
That stresses singularity
(i suppose, never been there)
Her wingspan was legendary
Too wide in fact
So mocked the other pens
So this swan felt insecure
Regardless, she took flight
Eventually soaring to heights
The hater pens couldn’t  manage
All because of her wide wingspan
i used to try and tell her
“Your wingspan is beautiful
Be proud of that shit”
But silly swan still insecure so
Couldn’t see her own beauty
Sometimes i sit back and wonder
Did she ever grow to realize
Her value beyond a stranger’s eyes

Fighting Black Bird

Little, black bird it’s okay to cry
To be betrayed
You’ll find is common in life
And I’ve heard your songs
From miles away
Only because you’re strong

But these skies are deadly
Full of wasps and dangerous medley
When stung its
Enough to kill your melody
If u let it, but you wont
Only because you’re strong

The venom will stay inside you but only
For a moment
So own that moment
When you feel low fly high
All the way up till you breech the sky
And as your wings start to buckle
Muscles collapsing from the hustle
Of it all

Rest easy black bird
The winds will guide your fall
Pick a current, any current
Then coast

Farmer Cat’s Fable

A farmer cat once looked at me
Could tell i had sumthin to ask
Before i could–she interrupted
And taught like she commanded a class

“For all students looking
to win the hearts of masses
Control of death
could be the 1st seed
Burn the idols of the false gods
who acquired power through blood n trickery
Implode the celestials with fire”

I looked at her
Cuz, she was fuckin crazy
But she wouldn’t shut up
Or so i thought
Took me a moment to realize
It was now i doin the talk

“So that’s when the Sun’s cuzzin Ray
shined upon the earth
And felt the little red giants
like bambinos burning in her image”

And same farmer cat once told me
(She heard it from a chick)

“From the ashes can sprout green
or anything in-between
Just depends on the party
controlin the humans
sowin the seeds”

Animal Rights Commentary

These past 3 weeks or so I’ve developed a great companionship with two canines. I understand now how hard it is for pet owners, especially those that are without shelter, to coexist in this society.

There are so many places pets are not allowed and it’s hard to justify sleeping in a motel room when your dog has to sleep in a shady alley tied to a street lamp.

I’m hoping for animal rights awareness in the future and will begin to search actively for a way to bring about that change.