Coyote Katas


The Hetero-Lesbo Connection

What i love most about art is its subjectivity. FELLAS! If you see a beautiful painting walking down the street, maybe highlighted in turquoise yoga pants and or booty shorts, are you gonna not look at it? Survey says “Fucking No.”

I say this becuse Men and you too Lesbians, we are both on an eve of great wonder. “If my calculations are correct” (Billy. Power Ranger.Nerd) this summer is going to be a scorcher of apocalyptic proportions and that equals a lot of scant articles of clothing on steamy, glistening, bodies.

Men, Lesbos, let us all take a moment to bow our heads and reflect on these prophosized times ahead. Let us use this oppertunitty in global warming to UNITE in the joint operation of art appreciation. Because if you ask me (which you didnt), ladies, the hueman body is a work of art. Dont be shy to show it off. Fuck your parents LOL.

Lesbos, I know, I know…Histtorically you and Men have not seen eye to eye on many an issue. In most cases a defunct penis is what caused you to forsake men in the first place. But I ask of thee, let us put our past differences behind us! You like girls, we like girls, for the love of bootius maximus, LETS LIKE GIRLS TOGETHER!

As “King of All Assholes” and “Closet Hero of Men” I offer my humble penis (his name is Hammer) to do with whhat you will (no weird shit) so that this edict may become law; bound in the miracle of fluids that sires life unto the earth.

The dick is on the table Lesbos…the dick…is on the table.

Dear Diary,

Sometimes in life we take things for granted. For me this was Dollar General store #6509. I remember my days @ the DG fondly, many many…years ago during a different administration from the current. @ any time I could walk-in and be the host to a wonderful type of verbal abuse that one can only experience in a broken home or low test scoring school located in Lithonia, GA called Stephenson Middle.

Looking back, I wished I would’ve appreciated store #6509 more than I had. What i’ll miss most was the strippers who’d visit during off hours; who teased me…but looked great doing it. And how could I forget the crusty vajayjay ladies who’d always shout my catch phrases “Im a comedian!” “Cailito has entered the building!” and “He crazy!”

Like my big sister Nelly always says “why all good things come to an end” and such is true for store #6509. It was fun tho.

A shoutout to a special lady who was robbed at gunpoint without recieving adequete monetary or psychological componsation from the heads in charge. “Yo! Netflix and Chill?”

-You’re all beautiful. Couldn’t of done it without ya.
-Cailito the filthy animal Otee

Dearest Maru’posa \

  In hell… in death…sleep does not come

A continual suffering
Haunted by spirits of enemies’ past dissatisfaction
Chips away at the body
Dissolving like a junkie
But my only addiction is sorrow

A body fueled by betrayal born of former friends
Who kindled me like a fire
Alas my flames continue to grow
Learning to drag sols down with me
Hell(O) can you hear me?
A vessel is knocking on your door
Begging to be used