2 Old 4 This

No matter the medium

Rather it be the page

Or motion picture

always proves to

Be a biggity


Fuck You

What possess a woman
Employed as an educator
To teach lies to
A father
Against a son
Based upon the laters
False desire to
View her naked body
Manipulaing the Father to
Strike the Son
Witnessed by an audience of
His peers
Truth be told
Shit is more attractive


The B-Word

I like to use the word bitch…a lot. But understand that when I say the b-word I don’t mean all women are bitches it’s quite the contrary in that all men, women, and children equally have the potential to be bitches.

He can be a bitch


She can be a bitch


It can be a bitch


What you have to understand is everyone deep inside has a bitch in them that yearns to be free. For the most part we supress it but sometimes the bitch inside gets the better of us and that’s ok. When these moments of weakness happen and you are called out on it, don’t trip. Access the situation and breathe deeply, think… “Am I being a bitch?”  The answer might surprise you.