Wasn’t expecting to be a wolf today
Was aiming for saint but
Weather had other plans
Whether or not i concede to its demands
Remains to be the question
Did i ever mention i’m also a fan of ravens
Something about seeing
Black murder in the skies
One of many ways i choose to get high


From Wakanda (in Africa) to MOVE (in Philly)

Marvel’s Black Panther film release
Is about to end me
My pal doesn’t know Huey
But he, like many
Excited to waste cells to make sales
For a fictional Afrikan hero
Owned by a dead American racist
Sounds like some trap shit to me
Will bootleg it online for free
Couldn’t tell a seal from a Seale
My pal Bobby
A fucking idiot
Technically, the comic
Was created before the party
But my pal…
He doesn’t know this bit
Of information
So Bobby can’t use it against me
This kid just has no concept
Of American history
From Malcolm X to Stan Lee
Bruce, Assata and the rest


Just Sayin

i know you h8 it
When i talk about my blak skin
i can feel you wince
When i speak about my blak skin
U tell me not to talk about my blak skin
As if its a sin
You say the concept is holdin me bak
But hakuna bitch
I live in a nation that provides that
And the beat keeps runin runin and runin runin and runin runin

WTF you want me to say

To another black dude dead today
Got nothin

It’s not apathy I just already know

My solution to our problem
And it’s not some easy shit to say
So I never say it

Walking in circles within my mind tryna come up with another way but always comin back to the same place

So I never say it

Cuz wtf am i supposed to say to a parent

When its kid passed away

Burned up within a blaze i ignited

i’m not afraid of dying i’m just afraid of killing you

Over some shit I cant even say but if it ever came down to it

And life just happens to flow that way

You already know

i’m honor bound to collect back taxes¬†


Dark Brown

Once upon a time I was born then I was branded.

I was told this brand was a curse and because of it I would always be lesser than.

But then time passed and suddenly it was cool to be branded.

I opened my eyes to the horizon for the first time and saw the beauty we possessed, now and then.

We welcomed the outsiders with open arms, happy to finally belong and eager to forgive the past.

They came and they took.

They took until there was nothing left.

And when we decided to visit them it was suddenly decided that being branded was no longer cool.

So we sulked back into the shadows while they entertained themselves with the best parts of ourselves.

Maybe if we were not so focused on pleasing the whims of others we would have not been tricked.

Maybe it is time for us to create and live by our own standards and not those of who would so easily cast us aside.