Past Lives

Orange sky smeared w/
Peach colored clouds
Silhouettes of pine trees
Beneath them
Littered amongst the bush and shrub
2 brothers
One man
One feline
Not versus rather
In-flow with a
Wild around them


Eyes & Ears

I see a lot of truths I’m not supposed to see

I hear a lot of truths i refuse to repeat

All because the cursed demon

extremities that haunt me

Departing gifts from a cat who spoke to me in dreams

No words, just thought, sorta psychic, like Jean or a grey

She gave me these two gifts
Pupils that constrict, drawing you deep and atop my crown
triangle horns that hear all sorts of unpleasant sounds
My luck, she died before she finished teaching me

Now I have these feral demon eyes and ears
And you best stay clear
Cuz if I could pass it on I would
Till that day I stay quarantined

Living with these cursed extremities

Eyes who see too much, Ears who hear too much,
And a free hand who is compelled to tell the tale

Wrist swayin from left to right right to left

Keeping me balanced, my conscious tail



Farmer Cat’s Fable

A farmer cat once looked at me
Could tell i had sumthin to ask
Before i could–she interrupted
And taught like she commanded a class

“For all students looking
to win the hearts of masses
Control of death
could be the 1st seed
Burn the idols of the false gods
who acquired power through blood n trickery
Implode the celestials with fire”

I looked at her
Cuz, she was fuckin crazy
But she wouldn’t shut up
Or so i thought
Took me a moment to realize
It was now i doin the talk

“So that’s when the Sun’s cuzzin Ray
shined upon the earth
And felt the little red giants
like bambinos burning in her image”

And same farmer cat once told me
(She heard it from a chick)

“From the ashes can sprout green
or anything in-between
Just depends on the party
controlin the humans
sowin the seeds”

And 2 Lives Remain

There’s a demon in the streets

Thats steady murkin cats

One by one as they began to die

The qualities that bonded us die too

Goodbye to child-leader-independent-cool cats

Only the timid and selfish remain.

Gotta flee before those glaring, demon, lights

that screech in the night prey upon another