The Right To Be A Coward

Technically dont i have a right to be a coward?
Like if a man can choose to be a woman
And vice versa
Why cant i choose to be a coward?
Why you ask
Strictly for the benefits
We’ve as a species
Have entered a brave new world
Where anyone can potentially be
Anything and
Choices and ideas that were
Demonized in the past
Today we collectively have
A different stance on
And have realized
Some off these choices arent so bad
So why cant I choose to be a coward
And have my choice if not celebrated




A homosapien
Unwrapped from the box
Able to hack its
Genetic programming
So as to make
Unselfish decisions

Above the b.s.

We R the words we choose to read
the knowledge we choose to know
the bodies we choose to cling to
the company we choose to keep
and every other choice we consume
Or so i’m told
so choose the crzy ones
i say
Disclaimer, these words
like feminism
they come in waves
So stay afloat
Above the b.s.