Blood Seed

Falling falling
the earth opened its mouth
swallowing me whole
descent into darkness
deeper and deeper
the roots cared not for my despair
prayers were told to deaf ears
were not answered
falling deeper
until peace beneath the soil



im kinda like a biggie album
ready to die
but im still here
for some reason
not sure why
this place was never home to me
when im gone i wont miss it
the dead dont reminisce
the living forget the dead
Earth keeps spinning



Shit From A Distance

life is like walking down the street and seeing death come in the opposite direction
if you turn around now it’d look suspect
so you keep walking
with each step growing older
getting closer to your demise
along the way you think about what to say when you get close
maybe something witty
you’re really just hoping for a quick nod
and to not be interrupted
but death is a talker
she wont let you get away that easily
i’ve yet to meet her; death
but we’ve been walking towards each other for a long time now and
im beginning to see her silhouette in the distance
its shapely, curves in all the right places
then again, my vision has always been…


You dont wanna be alive
You cant kill yourself
You’re just sittin around..
Like life is just one big limbo
Looping the same experience
Over and over and over again


Choosing alternative roads

She still found me

Wandering, alone, penniless

Only 2 choices

Live by joining Death

Die by refusing Death

The cold bitch always wins in the end