Eyes & Ears

I see a lot of truths I’m not supposed to see

I hear a lot of truths i refuse to repeat

All because the cursed demon

extremities that haunt me

Departing gifts from a cat who spoke to me in dreams

No words, just thought, sorta psychic, like Jean or a grey

She gave me these two gifts
Pupils that constrict, drawing you deep and atop my crown
triangle horns that hear all sorts of unpleasant sounds
My luck, she died before she finished teaching me

Now I have these feral demon eyes and ears
And you best stay clear
Cuz if I could pass it on I would
Till that day I stay quarantined

Living with these cursed extremities

Eyes who see too much, Ears who hear too much,
And a free hand who is compelled to tell the tale

Wrist swayin from left to right right to left

Keeping me balanced, my conscious tail