10, 9, Seconds

Wish i could’ve penned
Another sappy love story
About her
But didn’t know her
Long enough
Didn’t get the chance
Our world came to an end
And during the final countdown
We shared a kiss of the mind
Going backwards in time
i saw her struggles
i felt her pain
Her spirit was forged of phoenix fire
So when the world ended
She did too
But only to rise again



Tienanmen Square to Atlanta Capital
Monks and Soldiers
Veterans of this game we play
Pray i don’t become prey
To the bullet of an oppressor
i am not a cheetah
i cannot outrun them
But if i were to fall
Pray my soul shines ablaze
Burning indefinitely
Warmth for the isolated ones
Pocketing frozen hearts
Theirs and also
Maybe a wife maybe a mother
Father, sister, or brother
Burn for them those who
Carry the extra load
Till the job is done



You can tell a lot
About a persons character
Based on their rising upper
The execution of it i mean
Some are pinpoint, precise
Others, all over the place
Many styles all aiming for your face
The city was fighting
Where were you
The city is fighting
Where are you
Don’t blink
Guarantee you’ll miss it

Emerald Fire

Twas a typical Saturday night
The bar was overflowing with people
Alone she stood out
She was a shining gem
Everything around here a wash
Nothing was more accurate than her image
Couldn’t get her out of my mind
The whole night she reappeared
But who am i to her
But a long dead memory
Relic of  the past
There’s something remarkable about her
But i don’t think she knows it
She’s a million bucks but doesn’t realize her worth
People tell her but no one’s ever really shown her
Made her feel it

Fuck You

What possess a woman
Employed as an educator
To teach lies to
A father
Against a son
Based upon the laters
False desire to
View her naked body
Manipulaing the Father to
Strike the Son
Witnessed by an audience of
His peers
Truth be told
Shit is more attractive