Ya’ll Greedy

Just want every body to know
i’m keeping score
Women get 2 holidays
Mothers and (International) Women’s Day
(And probably some other i’m forgetting)
But men get only one
(And women ain’t cheerful about it when it get here)
Father’s Day
But only fathers and sons can celebrate
What about us bastards?
I say women get a gender holiday
So should the rest of us
Not only International Mens Day but
International Hermaphrodites Day as well
Fuck it, International Trans Day too!
A win for one of us is a win for us all
Equal Gendered Days Now!
My motivation for this?
i’m doing this for all the little boys out there
Who don’t get to celebrate a gendered specific holiday
Like their punk ass sisters who get a freebie for Womens Day
A holiday  just for being but what does baby boy get?
Not a goddamn thing
He is more than a future mule
Did you forget he is human too?
Should he not be celebrated?


the Sun

Lucyfer did not try
To attract
S(H)e sat quietly
Allowing curiosity
To play its course
You see
Moths have a habit
Of gravitating
Towards the light
Glowing in the darkness
Most are like Icarus
Wanting too much
Flying too close to

4.26.12 Coke & Bullets

Crashing Coca Cola Shareholders Meeting

It was a Thursday morning. The time was 7am. The climate cold ass fuck. All these factors contributed greatly to my morning rage. But that was good because today was the morning of the yearly annual Coca-Cola Shareholders meeting. A magical time of the year when all the coke heads gather round the big screen tv as MuhtarKentfills their heads with propaganda and half truths. And if gorging yourself on bullshit isn’t enough to satiate your appetite, the coke heads offer all the free diabetes enhancing coke products blood money can buy.

The actually share holders meeting was truly a spectacle to behold. It was as if I was an outsider to a cult like phenomenon. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was defiantly some kind of secret ritual going on behind the scenes. Had to be. How else can you explain why hundreds of people can turn a blind eye to the long history of murders of coca cola union organizers in Guatemala and Columbia at the hands of paramilitary or the inhumane working conditions that coca cola employees have to face overseas. Honestly, how can you justify paying someone one dollar an hour for a 15 hour shift and still try to portray yourself to the world as a friendly, family oriented company. “If I could buy a world a coke” my ass.



Don’t wanna say too much more about the meeting because honestly I still get irked by just thinking about it. They say there’s a special type of hell for different sins. If there is indeed a hell for sellouts and corporate greed mongerors then there is no doubt in my mind it is the very same Coca Cola shareholders meeting I was privy to.

 For more information… http://killercoke.org/



Cop Watch

Returning home from the mass strategy meeting, we passed by a crime scene littered with cops at a local gas station. When the question was brought up as to whether or not we wanted to patrol there was a moment’s silence. We were all Cop Watch trained but none of us had ever been out on patrol. We soon moxied up however and decided to go back to headquarters to gear up and then head back for patrol. Back at headquarters we quickly discussed tactics and assigned roles. Our ragtag quartet armed with some crappy cell phone cameras and 2 cop watch shirts were quickly back on the scene.

We talked to the three figures on the side of the road who we learned was the family of one of the witnesses being detained. They didn’t know much about the situation other than that there was a shooting caused by an argument between two parties and that their grandson was a witness. We advanced towards the crime scene to gather more information from the police but as usual they claimed to know nothing and that the grandson would not be released until the detective had finished accessing the scene.

Within that time we consoled the family and met two complete strangers who came out to document the situation. These two were connected with the neighborhood watch programs of the area so we quickly exchanged information for possible partnership in the future. A few hours later the cops finally released all witnesses and we faded off into the night.

Our first night on patrol and we managed to solve the majority of our outreach problems and put in a good report with the community. A sweet ending to the beginning of a bitter day.