B&E & Fry Some Chicken

In the news today,
A woman came home and to her suprise
Found a man frying chicken in her kitchen
Close your eyes
What is his complexion



Every morning I force myself
Upon the machine
It swallows my toxins
So my body remains clean
Every time it tries to rebel
Returning what i tried to disspell
But i stuff its throat and choke it
Force it to swallow the load
From a machines perspective
Man must be a monster
Much like the theme of this poem
Full of shit

The Coyote User Manuel (Model 2014)

Recently I’ve been offending a shit ton of people, mostly by being me, so I decided to take out my trusty, handy, dandy, notebook and create a user manual of myself, for you, so that you understand…



My face is retardedly gay

Not gay in the modern, homosexual sense of the word but the old timey type of gay. The type that’s happy and excited but my face needs no reason to be happy, it just always is….smirkin and shit. Usually about something funny you weren’t around for that I won’t tell you about because


a. you had to be there

b. its most likely a secret and while i may be a heart breaker and a soul crusher i’ll never be a rat-face snitch


Problem is when people catch me in this sensitive moment they mistake the smile on my face for kindness…directed at them


Don’t do that. It’s just an illusiooooooon!

The worst part is once the smile starts it can’t be stopped. It’s like a custom made filibuster for my face.


Realistically on most days I’m prolly trying to avoid all human contact, physical and verbal (no discrimination). ¬†Unless I’m attracted to you, which you’ll know by the inability of my tongue to form simple words and sentences. But that’s another story for another chapter.


Between the Rock and the Moon


Let me put you in my video

I’m the art house

You can be my flick

No plot, no script

Just your pussy ridin my dick

Talkin bout that stag film shit

Chemical combustion underneath the sheets

Still got beady bees stuck in my teeth

I’m glistinin

Your oil

You wearin

My spunk

Fuck a feature

This montage needs a series

26 eps of late night

collisionary theory



You can be the pilot

I’ll be chillin on the wing


I cum you squirt

Parachutin with your panties

Back to Earth

Before the Sun discovers the truth

Between Serena the moon princess

And the Coyote from planet Rock

Who danced to Jupiter jazz