Humming Bird Hyena

Its last words to me

“Choose the girl”

But over what?

I can only guess

Dead men tell no tales

I was spending much time with

My computer then

Maybe (s)he meant

Choose organic over synthetic

In terms of the company I kept

Was this advice born from

Jealousy or sincerity?

Resembling features from both


10.22.12 And All Seemed Concluded

The young Lion stomped into his den

Shaking his mane and roaring his aggressions

The tale of his roar was heard for miles

Of the two Hyenas Alpha and Beta

That attacked him minutes before

Gathering his troops

Teeh, claws, and all manner of blade sharpened

They marched to battle

Hyena Alpha attacked the Isis Cat prompting the war

Both sides growled menacingly but no blood was spilled

The Jackals watched from yonder and yipped with glee

Eager to confess to the Blue Pigs arriving with iron chariots

The Blue Pigs captured  Hyena Beta

The felines returned back to their den

And all seemed concluded

That is until two buffalo came to answer the young Lion’s plea

The biggest buffalo of the two walked into the den of the hyenna

To acquire knowledge of the previous altercation was his intent

Hyena Alpha attacked the Nubian Buffalo

And the eyes of the Blue Pigs stood witness

The Blue Pigs captured both Hyena Alpha and Nubian Buffalo

And all seemed concluded

Until in the hour of the moon

The Shark, the Isis Cat, and the Pilot Fish

All were caught by the wrath of the Bulldog

And exiled from the land

The Coyote ever the deviant

Opened his bag of tricks, in it a key

In which he used to unlock the heavens

They slept on the 4th till 7

And all seemed concluded


But then the sun rose…