The Right To Be A Coward

Technically dont i have a right to be a coward?
Like if a man can choose to be a woman
And vice versa
Why cant i choose to be a coward?
Why you ask
Strictly for the benefits
We’ve as a species
Have entered a brave new world
Where anyone can potentially be
Anything and
Choices and ideas that were
Demonized in the past
Today we collectively have
A different stance on
And have realized
Some off these choices arent so bad
So why cant I choose to be a coward
And have my choice if not celebrated



(+) 1 Initiative

If everyone took the initiative to look after just 1 child, 1 elder, 1 person less fortunate then they are, to truly invest in them not just financially but emotionally for at least 1 year, what would our hoods, state, nation, country, continent, planet, look like?