Swan Song 2

We met years ago
In a strange land where
Sleep came after death
For a time we were mentally entwined
Eventually separating
Never thought i’d see her again then
Out of the blue
It was you
Now residing in my mother land
Honestly i just want to hold your hand
Same as i did then but
i’ve made many enemies and
They are devoid of integrity
They would do anything to punish me
Already they’ve pursued friends, family
Only a matter of time till
They’d get to you too so
Even though i know
i’d be the perfect man for you
My presence could lead
To your downfall and
im too weak to save us both so
i’ll cherish you from a far and
Send you my prayers
Enclosed safely in a bottle
i know and trust la onda
She will deliver to you my hopes
But know that when you receive them
You will not need them
Like a diamond you are a precious mineral
On your own able to obtain anything
Life has to offer


Her Eyes Were Made in Mejico

i first met you in an empty stairwell painted a pale blue
i was up to no good as well as you
You ascended from the lower level i descended from above
Our eyes met and you asked me for a lighter
(Or was it a cigarette? i forget)
What matters is
That was the day i knew i loved you
More than words could say

Swan Song

She was pretty like a swan
From a land called Taiwan
But among them
A rarity
Unique in a world
That stresses singularity
(i suppose, never been there)
Her wingspan was legendary
Too wide in fact
So mocked the other pens
So this swan felt insecure
Regardless, she took flight
Eventually soaring to heights
The hater pens couldn’t  manage
All because of her wide wingspan
i used to try and tell her
“Your wingspan is beautiful
Be proud of that shit”
But silly swan still insecure so
Couldn’t see her own beauty
Sometimes i sit back and wonder
Did she ever grow to realize
Her value beyond a stranger’s eyes

Nobody Likes You


You deceitful bitch
I thought you were gone
Thought I was through with you
But here I wake up
To come to find
Your cold ass
Greeting me as I step outside my door
No Winter
Stop it
We all like Spring now
He’s funnier than you are
You’re too quiet Winter
And when you touch me…
I’m sorry!
I didn’t mean it like that
Its just…
Just please
Go home


Have you heard about Kay
Met her for the first time
Last night
Hangin with Mary
She was a thrill
Made my heart beat
Faster and faster
Had to gasp for air
Her charm her grace
Smarter than the other girls
Made me experience life
Vividly in new ways
She really taught me something
Can still feel her with me
But in reality
She’s miles away
Also in reality
My heart
She will always remain

I used to love to write
All day, all night
Posting my discoveries
Along a web
World wide
So that even outer space
Could see

One day a shear of fear
Snipped that web
Buried the discoveries
Fearing that
Someone would steal them from me
So i Stopped

Hid the discoveries
In books and tomes
Charging fees for a right to see them
But the thrill wasn’t the same
Americans don’t read books
Especially those composed of poetry
Spoken from
An unwealthy unknown

But the people most like me do
So i restrung the web
Posting my discoveries
So even outer space could see
Beacons for those searching for
An inner me


My first jay back
In about a month
Haze clears my mind
Returning memories
Clarity forgot

Like the time
You introduced me to love
When we crafted laughter
And all the mistakes
We made
Throughout the way
That led to this present day

Obsessed with who’s right
Frowning at the thought of you
And learning to love hate

180 degrees
This journey we travled
Soles flopping in the wind
Becoming undone