I used to love to write
All day, all night
Posting my discoveries
Along a web
World wide
So that even outer space
Could see

One day a shear of fear
Snipped that web
Buried the discoveries
Fearing that
Someone would steal them from me
So i Stopped

Hid the discoveries
In books and tomes
Charging fees for a right to see them
But the thrill wasn’t the same
Americans don’t read books
Especially those composed of poetry
Spoken from
An unwealthy unknown

But the people most like me do
So i restrung the web
Posting my discoveries
So even outer space could see
Beacons for those searching for
An inner me



My first jay back
In about a month
Haze clears my mind
Returning memories
Clarity forgot

Like the time
You introduced me to love
When we crafted laughter
And all the mistakes
We made
Throughout the way
That led to this present day

Obsessed with who’s right
Frowning at the thought of you
And learning to love hate

180 degrees
This journey we travled
Soles flopping in the wind
Becoming undone

The Master

i know you want me
Can see that look in your eyes
But truth is darlin
Im one of those guys
Your mother warned you about
See i never have much to say
Too smart for my own good and
Have tamed my carnal desires
Rarely will i ever need your help
Dont believe me
Just ask Leftie