christianity and feminism

Share a thing in common

In that

ive never met a perfect practioner

Of either only


Clinging to CNTRL

Lusting for PWR



How does it feel, me inside your bloodstream?
Leaving you chemically imbalanced
Had a taste, now addicted
My scent stuck between layers, your memories
I’m everything you said you ever wanted, only to discover
You don’t know how to process me
How does it feel,¬†knowing i’m a few keys shy
Away from your CNTRL

Scars Can’t Claim Ignorance

Did you burn yourself
Tryna capture my sol
Did you dot yourself
In the i’s of meh lord
Were you strong enuff
To carry what you stole

Tell me was it worth it
Damnation–your sol
So envious of
What you could not contain
So blinded by lust
Had ya stuffin-yo-pockets-with-coals

All of the worst in me
And ya did it to yourself
Tryna latch on to me
Nigga, you suffocated
(maybe its you who needs tobemedicated)

And if you try again
A swift end my friend
And if you try again
A swift end my friend
This is my curse to you
Choose you
Repeat your sin again

Electric Lust

How can you love me when you dont fucking know me
Are you fallin victim to the lust
If so thats’ ok
I dont fuck with commitments
Like boas, too restrictive
Lets play casually
If you ain’t ready thats ok
I dont mind the wait
Just know I won’t be here for long
Lightning has a way of moving on
But if you’ve never been struck
I guess u ain’t missin much
Just the sensation of your nerves quakin
To the crackle of every bang
Thunderous roars powered by the pleasure of your soul
Forecasting the cumming rains
Till the bedroom floods

Unfinished Bizz

I miss your smile
You’ve never seen me drunk
We never had fun the way we shoulda


I miss you and your genes that fill up them jeans

You’ve never felt my lips on you

We never sweat together just slept together

2 kids with a shared past


2 kids of opposing classes


1 bed can’t contain it all

4 corners to this earth

Let’s see em all¬†

Between the Rock and the Moon


Let me put you in my video

I’m the art house

You can be my flick

No plot, no script

Just your pussy ridin my dick

Talkin bout that stag film shit

Chemical combustion underneath the sheets

Still got beady bees stuck in my teeth

I’m glistinin

Your oil

You wearin

My spunk

Fuck a feature

This montage needs a series

26 eps of late night

collisionary theory



You can be the pilot

I’ll be chillin on the wing


I cum you squirt

Parachutin with your panties

Back to Earth

Before the Sun discovers the truth

Between Serena the moon princess

And the Coyote from planet Rock

Who danced to Jupiter jazz