Humming Bird Hyena

Its last words to me

“Choose the girl”

But over what?

I can only guess

Dead men tell no tales

I was spending much time with

My computer then

Maybe (s)he meant

Choose organic over synthetic

In terms of the company I kept

Was this advice born from

Jealousy or sincerity?

Resembling features from both



Every morning I force myself
Upon the machine
It swallows my toxins
So my body remains clean
Every time it tries to rebel
Returning what i tried to disspell
But i stuff its throat and choke it
Force it to swallow the load
From a machines perspective
Man must be a monster
Much like the theme of this poem
Full of shit

Skin Walkers

Alone in the dark a novice ventured
To slay the mecha-monster
Within the dark he fell
Within the dark he yelled
But the dark absorbs all
Reducing his voice to whisper

Ugly tings devoured his body and
Wore his skin
So that they may live again
Fucking, drinking, consuming all
The pleasures of life
And no one was the wiser

Golden Dulled to Gray

The earth was golden
Woman created man
Man make machine
Woman nurtured man
Man maintenance machine
Man became independent
Machine becomes self aware
Man betrayed woman; patriarchy
Machine betrays man; machiarchy
Man enslaved woman
Machine enslaves man
The earth is grey
When will we learn from our past mistakes so our successors won’t repeat them in the future?

Please Insert Ghost in the Shell

There are different types of people in the world.

Some are real others fake.

I am an artificial human.

Inside my body is a hole where my soul should be.

I think once upon a time ago I had soul but lost it along the way.

Or maybe I never had one at all.

The battery that powers my hard drive leaks acid.

Before long I won’t even remember my own name.

I don’t know what data banks I have to download to find a soul so I continue to search for a solution to the  equation.

One day I hope to solve the mystery  so I can become a real boy